As a Trustee of your Self-Managed Super Fund you take on a number of burdensome administration and compliance obligations. This can be rather frustrating and sometimes confusing, however it needs to be done.  Superannuation rules (and how they should be interpreted) are constantly changing; it really does take a professional and qualified accountant to make sure your fund remains compliant and legal. We are here to provide you with professionals that can handle these tasks and complete them with the utmost ease, leaving you free of any stress.

Ensuring you comply with all of the statutory regulations of running a fund can be very difficult and time consuming for you to manage. We ensure our clients keep their funds well run and that they met all their audit and reporting requirements.

Want more? We provide Company Secretarial services as well.  Every time there is a change to your company you must update ASIC.  These changes are crucial and must be taken care of immediately. This can include things like change of company name, registered address, directors or shareholders and a whole lot more. Thus, we help to make your life easier by handling these little fragments of work that need to be look after.

Although these jobs may not sound like jobs that need to be given that much attention, they do indeed need it. They are the key in maintaining the business operations smoothly. These trivial yet crucial tasks need to be taken care of under supervision and by professionals to make sure the best work is presented.

Furthermore, we offer a Company Secretarial service that takes care of all your routine Corporate Compliance work, to ensure ASIC documents are prepared and lodged correctly, including your annual review statement.

We can provide unlimited support and assistance depending on your needs.  

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